Should I book an inter-island tour or book my own flights?

Many people will look at the cost of the inter-island tours and think that it is cheaper to book their own flights. It may be cheaper, but there are some important advantages to booking an inter-island tour package.

When you book an inter-island tour package, if your flight is delayed, we will adjust your tour to accommodate a new schedule.

You may book your own flights and want to meet the tour, either at the airport or in Waikiki. However, if there is a flight delay and you miss your pick up, you will forfeit the tour. It would be considered a no-show, which is non-refundable.

Additionally, if your tour is delayed due to traffic or other delays, the tour company is not responsible if you miss your flight. However, if you have booked an inter-island tour package, the tour company will take responsibility to return you to the airport in time for your flight or adjust your flight time.

Inter-island Tour Airport Pick up

When you book an inter-island tour, your tour will be scheduled for when your flight lands. When you book your flights on your own and choose an airport pick up you will be picked up after the bus has finished picking up guests in Waikiki. That may work out to a short wait, but depending on your flight arrival time, you could be waiting at the airport for an extended period.

As you can see there are many benefits to booking an inter-island tour package. So why do we offer airport pick up? There are many guests who arrange a layover in Honolulu after visiting a neighboring island. Those guests cannot book an inter-island tour because they will not be on a round trip flight between islands. We can help make the most of a layover with a tour.