Ensign Francis Charles Flaherty

Ensign Francis Charles Flaherty was an officer in the United States Navy who served aboard the USS Oklahoma during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Here’s a brief overview of his life and actions during the attack:

Service on the USS Oklahoma: Francis Flaherty served as an Ensign, a commissioned officer rank, on board the USS Oklahoma, a battleship moored at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The USS Oklahoma was struck by multiple torpedoes during the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941, causing it to capsize within minutes.

Actions During the Attack: Despite the chaos and danger of the attack, Ensign Flaherty demonstrated exceptional courage and selflessness. According to eyewitness accounts, he remained on board the USS Oklahoma after it was struck, assisting his fellow crew members and helping to evacuate and rescue sailors trapped within the sinking ship.

Posthumous Recognition: Tragically, Ensign Flaherty lost his life during the attack on Pearl Harbor. However, his heroic actions did not go unrecognized. He was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross, the United States Navy’s second-highest decoration for valor, for his extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty during the attack.

Legacy: Ensign Francis Charles Flaherty’s bravery and sacrifice are remembered and honored as part of the broader narrative of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the valor displayed by American servicemen on that fateful day. His name is inscribed on the Tablets of the Missing at the Honolulu Memorial in Hawaii, ensuring that his memory lives on as a testament to his courage and service to his country.