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Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Memorial & Battleship Missouri

USS Missouri has served proudly through WWII, the Korean War, and the Gulf War for a 51-year long career. Launched from the Naval Shipyard in Brooklyn in 1944.

Visit USS Arizona and Battleship Missouri, as they represent both the beginning and the end of World War II. The accompanying “Road to War” and “Attack” exhibit galleries that display pictures and recovered items from the events which transpired at Pearl Harbor and WWII. Then, watch a short film explaining the fateful day and its significance. Followed by a boat ride to the USS Arizona Memorial, the final resting place of the ship’s 1,177 crewmen.

From $139 / Adult

From $139 / Child

6 hours tour starting from

USS Arizona & USS Missouri tickets are included
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Private Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Memorial From Ko olina

4 hours

Private Pearl Harbor USS Arizona and USS Missouri from Ko olina

6 Hours

Private Passport to Pearl Harbor From Ko olina

9 Hours

Private Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Memorial From Waikiki

4 hours Tour starting from

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